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TV9 Telugu – TV9 Telugu is an every minute of every day news channel based out of Hyderabad and has network directs in Bangalore, Mumbai, Gujarat and Delhi. It brings exhaustive news inclusion and invigorating stories from India and all over the planet. TV9 is credited for its inventive programming and analytical news coverage. The channel has unfurled enormous tricks and numerous outrages to arise as a trustworthy and most-watched network throughout recent years. Established in 2004, TV9 has developed dramatically and is viewed as a regarded news organization. Known for its valiant detailing, TV9 never avoid breaking convincing stories. The channel is based on a strong worth framework that has truth, genuineness, fairness and dependability at the center of the heart. The advanced foundation and cutting edge innovation bring best of the news content. From live reports, itemized investigation, and meetings to current undertakings, the channel offers all. Right from its beginning, the channel has been the most trusted and generally solid and credited for being the most watched in Telugu news space. Huge News Large Discussion, iSmart News and Tik Talk are a few well known shows on the channel. Large News Enormous Discussion is an early evening show secured by its overseeing chief Rajinikanth covering significant issues with important bits of knowledge. iSmart is a political parody show with mind and humor.

TV9 Bharatvarsh – This every minute of every day Hindi news channel conveys political news, current issues, diversion, sports and some more. It tries to bring huge and fundamental news and keeps watchers refreshed with the most recent data. It conveys news from all headings at lightning speed from across the globe. The divert prevailed with regards to contacting each Indian and is developing consistently. It reverberates with the ordinary citizen, gets their heartbeat right and prevails upon them. The channel centers around giving solid data and keeping the crowd refreshed with the most recent news. It is focused on giving arrangements and instructing on the issues and expectations for better tomorrow.

TV9 Kannada – Reverberating with its slogan, ‘For a superior society, TV9 Kannada has been endeavoring to give sound news to clients. Since data is equipped for affecting individuals and changing society, the channel generally tries to offer reliable news. Home for exact, adjusted and fair news, the channel figures out the significance of exposing misleading data and offers genuine news. It centers around the issue and gives numerous discernments without sensationalizing it. TV9 Kannada has an expansive reach with an unwavering crowd and has turned into an easily recognized name for conveying fair correspondence unafraid. It fundamentally influences individuals and assumes an imperative part in reflecting the world.