Saint Martin Island – Striking Travel destinations of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has always attracted people from all over the world with its shear natural beauty and riches in culture and tradition. And one of the most fascinating travel destinations in Bangladesh is the Saint Martins Island – the only coral island of the country.Saint Martins is land is one of the most gorgeous travel destinations of Bangladesh. It’s a very tiny island but its natural beauty makes it one of the most stunning coral islands of the world. As a result,Guest Posting this travel place has become one of the prominent travel destinations not just in Bangladesh but in whole south Asia. The most eye-catching thing about Saint Martins Island is it has the most crystal clear sea water in South-Asia. That’s why, when any one Scuba diving Komodo is in the water can see what is beneath his/her foot and also this is the reason for its suitability for scuba diving to see the wild life under the water of the vast sea.Saint Martins Island is like a Night Queen flower, as its beauty goes to such a height that is not from this earth, feels like it has some connection to the heaven especially at a moon lit night more specifically at full moon. So the experience of camping on the beach in a full moon night will be so magical one will surely fall into a spell couldn’t be able to forget. The island is called Naricale Zinzira by the local people. Naricale Zinzira is a bengali word means the island of the Coconut. This name is derives from the abundance of tasty coconut found in this tiny island. The island produced some of the biggest and delicious coconut in Bangladesh. This is the reason the island is famous for its coconuts let alone as a travel destinations in Bangladesh.The journey to the island is a very good experience to get. The journey is divided into two parts; first one is by road to Teknaf and the second one is from Teknaf to Saint Martins Island through the sea of Bay of Bengal. It will take around 13 hours to reach the Island from Dhaka the capital city of Bangladesh. For the journey by road there are many luxurious bus services available for the comfort of the tourists visiting Saint Martins Island. The journey through the sea is also very comfortable as the Ships have all the facilities for a pleasant ride.All in all Saint Martins Island is the most enchanting travel destinations in the whole South Asia. For its unique natural beauty it’s the becoming the most desired Bangladesh travel destinations. Everyone should visit this striking travel place to make his / her travel life complete