Online Network Marketing: How To Create Your Money Making Online Business

Online Network Marketing is inevitable for all networkers. Old model offline techniques are ‘dead.’ The internet evolution and revolution in marketing capability cannot be ignored!

Going Online: The Network Marketing Shift

The beginning of ‘the shift’ to online network marketing was when internet marketers started to be profitable online. That was from 1996,Guest Posting but in 2000 online advertising got a big boost by the introduction of Google Adwords. Internet marketers started to be more effective and some astute people took to ‘list building’ for offline network marketing.

Really… the online network marketing revolution got its biggest boost by the revelations of ‘The Renegade Network Marketer.’ Mike Dillard had put a different, but effective spin on it through Magnetic Sponsoring. However Ann Sieg came out and said what many experienced networkers were thinking. She made it absolutely clear that offline network marketing was a ‘failure.’ The 95% failure rate that has plaqued the industry for decades is not a figure that networkers can be proud of!

Going Online: Creating Your Own Website Business

After realizing many people were lost in ‘an online wilderness’… Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler combined in 2009 to show people exactly ‘how to’ do online network marketing. Marketing a business on the internet involves having your own website. Taking that step away from a company ‘replicated website’… to having your own website has ‘baulked’ many networkers. When you understand that replicated websites are ‘value-less’ on the internet… because the search engines ignore them… you start to appreciate the idea of having your own marketing website.

Creating your own website is not difficult. For your main website you want to create a content information site. Internet searchers want information… if your content is good quality searchers will bookmark your site and return. Most quality site-builders can be used by anyone… that is you don’t need html knowledge. Also apart from… and to complement your content information website… you can create squidoo pages as well as a blog or two!

Although just having a website does not ‘cut it!’ You need to have a money-making website business. This involves ‘marketing’… to bring site-visitors to your website in considerable numbers. How you market your website has changed since Ann Sieg brought out her first ebook. Today we have more social networking activity, mini-blogs, and mini-video sites that are growing at a fast rate. Online network marketing can use all these interactive tools in association with content information marketing methods. Natural search traffic is every marketer’s ‘most wanted response!’ Good content and good online interaction are the ingredients for achieving excellent natural search traffic.

Going Online: Choosing Your Income Streams

More traffic to your website means more sales of whatever you have to recommend. Also it means more subscribers to your newsletter. More subscribers means more people who’ll join your online network marketing business!

The income sources you choose to have on your website business can be affiliate products that are both digital and/or hard goods. You join the affiliate company for ‘free’ and every sale that comes via your website can generate commission payment up to 75% of the item sale price. Affiliate ebook marketing is popular and it’s not hard to find ebooks related to your website theme. Referral marketing is another worthwhile income source. Basically, it involves promoting products at another person’s website.

All your income sources should have value for your site-visitors. If your visitors are not interested in your website theme or any of your affiliate products… they may be prepared to click a few Google Ads on your website. Selling Ad space is very popular as an online income source. Other marketing groups have similar schemes as Google. You get paid on the number of ‘clicks’ to these Ads by your site-visitors. Your income fom this source is relative to the number of site visitors coming to your website. High traffic websites make substantial income from this source.

The most important marketing tool on your online network marketing website is to have a subscriber list. People only subscribe to your newsletter if they appreciate your website information. Therefore you endeavour to continue to supply quality information in your regular newsletter. Having a regular newsletter allows you ‘time’ to build trust. People don’t join network marketing businesses without a level of trust! However through your newsletter you can market/recommend ebooks and other products to your subscribers. Keep your subscribers informed about new products and this income source will serve you well.

Going Online: Effective Content & Interactive Methods To Use

Properly balanced online network marketing strategies must incorporate ‘content marketing’ and ‘interactive marketing’ methods. Your main content method is to have a content information website. All your other marketing methods should lead to your information website. Other content methods to use are: 1. Article-Writing 2. Video-Streaming 3. Press-Releases 4. Whitepapers.

Article writing is second to content websites as far as gaining natural search traffic goes! Your articles can be topical and you can point several articles to the same webpage. Once written and submitted… articles keep working for you… year after year! Videos can be used in your web-pages, articles, squidoo lenses, and emails. Although videos are a content marketing method… they get a lot use in blogs as well. In fact blogs are both content and interactive. Anyway videos deliver your message with enormous impact!

The best interactive marketing methods are blogs, social networking sites, bookmarking sites, and niche-forums. As opposed to content marketing, all these interactive methods, are more time-consuming. However… that said… they are all very powerful in delivering site-visitors to your website. Your time-management is generally served best by not trying to ‘work’ too many of these methods.

Whereas your primary business is your online network marketing… you need to remember that only a small percentage of your site-visitors will be interested in that business. Therefore having other monetization sources available with your content information will boost your website business.

Going Online: Conclusions

The internet has altered the way a lot of things are done today. Online network marketing is developing away from its ‘offline’ roots. This is both essential and sensible. Natural progress will eventually take all networkers to online network marketing. The industry ‘failure rate’ gives them no reason to hesitate!

Practicing network marketing on the internet is only effective as part of a website business. You are in business to ‘make money,’ so having multi-streams of income is essential. Just creating your own website to promote your network marketing business is ‘internet death.’ You miss out on income and more importantly for a internet business… site popularity. Providing a quality information experience for your site-visitors is paramount to online business success.