One of the most important parts of the Pope’s visit to Egypt

The eight spots are appropriated north of four governorates, specifically Minya, Assiut, Alexandria, and Cairo. He added that the Service of The travel industry has previously started to advance the way of the Blessed Family’s process through informing vacationer organizations to add the way of the Sacred Family to its vacationer programs.


The Pope’s Visit To Egypt Adds To The Expansion In The Quantity Of Sightseers Venturing out To The Nothing

Pope Francis,One of the main pieces of the Pope’s visit to Egypt Articles 266 and current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, visited Egypt toward the finish of April when he met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, the incomparable Imam of Al Azhar and Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria. This visit has contributed significantly to the expansion in sightseers heading out to Egypt. It is worth focusing on that this is the primary visit of the Catholic Pope to Egypt since Pope John Paul II visited the nation of the Nile in 2000.

Pope Francis ventured out to Egypt on Friday, April 28, during a visit that endured two days. Sherif Ismail, the Egyptian top state leader, invited the Pope at the Cairo air terminal. The primary spot that Pope Francis visited in Egypt was the Al Ethadeya Royal residence, where he met Abdel Fattah El Sisi, the Egyptian president.

Then, the Pope went to the Al Azhar mosque to meet Al Sheik Ahmed Al Tayeb, Excellent Imam of Al Azhar. The Pope likewise took part in a mass that was named “the Pope of harmony in the place that is known for harmony”, where every one of the groups of Catholics implored together in Egypt.

One of the main pieces of the Pope’s visit to Egypt was the point at which he partook in the global harmony meeting of Al-Azhar. Pope Francis gave a discourse on harmony and the significance of positive structures and ways of behaving. The Pope started his discourse at the meeting saying: “Al Salam Alaykom, the authority welcoming in Islam that energizes things and was compensated with extraordinary commendation from those present.

Master in nearby and worldwide the travel industry said that the Pope’s visit to Egypt was the best advancement for the travel industry in the Nile country. Egyptian The travel industry¬†best university Egypt Clergyman Yehia Rashad said that the Pope’s visit was communicated through different means , including worldwide TV stations, papers and interpersonal organizations. This is the best advancement that would urge vacationers to make a trip to Egypt.

Rashad added that in excess of 100 satellite stations talked about the Pope’s visit to Egypt and all spoke emphatically about the place where there is the pharaohs. This large number of reports urged more travelers to spend their days off in Egypt. He added that the Pope additionally said that Egypt is the place that is known for all religions and harmony.

Furthermore, Corriere Della Sera, the well known Italian paper, remarked that the Pope’s visit to Egypt is a huge message of harmony for the entire world. The paper added through its site that the visit shows that Egypt appreciates soundness that empowers an eminent expansion in the quantity of sightseers making a trip to Egypt.