Everyone has some kind of Fetish.

Its common to believe that fetishes are sexual fixations. However the truth in the matter is that now days a fetish can be just about anything that intensifies your sexual experience,Everyone has some kind of Fetish. Articles and often more so than usual. A fetish can range from being muzzled and bound, to other fetishes where couples, singles or groups are turned on by having a naughty sex session video recorded. A fetish could also include dressing up in an outfit such as a nurse or fireman, or having public sex. Some niche fetishes could include a desire for naked women wearing only red high heels, or being seduced by a group of fully clothed people.

If you’re keen to explore your fetishes try having someone walk on you when your having sex. Sound abit odd? If your the ‘kinky kind’ you wont find it odd, you’ll be wondering what it would be like to try a trample fetish! Try it out – it’s invigorating for those who get off on domination. It goes something like this: The female puts on her high heels and walks on the man’s chest, throat, stomach, and crotch. Amusing as it sounds, the male will often hardly move and his sexual pleasure will over-ride any pain even when his crouch is being trampled. Certain men that are inclined to being turned on in this manner love the thought of being under a woman’s power and dominance, and on the other hand some women will love to be in control and will get off by trampling the man.

Uniform fetishes are the most common fetishes shared between a man and a women. Couples that don’t usually partake in regular BDSM or fetish role play often still have some sort of fantasy when it comes to uniforms. After honey.cyou all who wouldn’t be turned on by a man in uniform, or perhaps a women dressed in a nurses outfit and high heels. Uniform role play is extremely popular between men and women and sets the scene for a very naughty night. This fetish is very broad and can include a doctor undressing their patient or a women having sex with her partner who is dressed up in a mask.

Food fetishes are also popular. Food can be used in place of a vibrator such as a banana covered in jelly or melted chocolate. Whipped cream can be smeared over each other and slowly eaten in a seductive manner. Body paint is common and can be purchased at an adult store and comes in various flavours with chocolate being the favourite for most food fetish lovers.

Your local adult shop will give you ideas on how to bring your fantasies to reality. You will be able to get ideas to cater for any fetish fantasy!